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PrestigiousHMA was created to honor and pay tribute to the Haitian Music Industry to the world. This is a unique musical culture and vetting platform that helps exceptional independent artists and bands receive the opportunities they need and deserve.

After many years of observing the ups and downs of the music industry, and having a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring an event of great prestige, elegance, and glamour to the community is a dream come true.

Ismanie Exume who was born and raised in Haiti brought the love of the culture with her to the United States. She has had the privilege to work over 19 years directly within the country’s music industry as a band manager and promoter, Ismanie has experienced the best and the worst times within the industry, but her love continued to grow despite the unforeseen circumstances.

PrestigiousHMA aims to bring structure and visibility while enriching the musical culture of the Island of Haiti. PrestigiousHMA is eager to unveil the hidden secrets of what keeps our community intact and thriving for a better tomorrow.

Meet The Executive Team

Ismanie ExumeTeam names from left to right.

Ismanie Exume was born and raised in St. Marc, Haiti. From an early age, she participated in various Haitian dance groups where her love for Haiti’s rich culture stems. She came to the United States at the age of 17 where her love and passion grew stronger after witnessing the trails Haitian in America endured. It is the same passion that she places within her work in the Haitian Music Industry. Ismanie has had the privilege to work alongside many of the most prominent Haitian bands and artist in the industry for over 19 years. Working in that capacity, she gained a deep understanding of the artist and of what drove them to produce and sell Haitian culture globally. It is from these experiences that Ismanie’s that our artists should have a platform where they are able to be recognized on a worldwide level and be motivated to continue the great work that they do. Ismanie is passionate about her work and role in the Haitian Music industry and the Prestigious Haitian Entertainment is a testament to her commitment to the industry.

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