Announcing The Nominees For The 2018 Prestigious Haitian Music Awards

We are excited to announce the Prestigious HMA’s 2018 nominees. We are extremely fortunate to have experienced this wonderful opportunity to research and explore the various sounds of Haiti. Haitian artists have a unique ability when it comes to expressing their emotions through their songs. The variety of musical styles included in Haitian market is remarkable, from their unique creative lyrics and musical arrangements to their vocal capability that leaves you with no choice but to fall in love. Many are unaware of the various sounds that emerge from Haiti’s music which includes jazz, rock n roll, folk music, classical, punk rock and much more.

The musical selections offered to the public has made the nomination process difficult. We as a team came together with detailed criteria where each artist had the opportunity to delivered through their hard work throughout the year. Our committee includes the executive board, board of trustees and board of advisers.

The nominees were chosen between Sept 15, 2016, to Sept 15, 2017. These artists and bands were required to have produced within that time frame also required to promote their work to the public. Other components that played a significant role in the decision making were media presence, vocal ability, and production. There are many talents in the HMI, but at the same time being consistent and remaining relevant is extremely vital. We are here to not only expose the works of the artist but shine a light on the artist that have missed opportunities to become a household name.

Here are the nominees for the 2018 Prestigious Haitian Music Awards! Everyone has worked extremely hard to expose the beauty behind our country’s image musically.

Male Solo Artist of The Year

  • Roody Roodboy
  • Belo
  • Baky Popile
  • Jean Jean Roosevelt
  • Mikaben
  • Wendy
  • J Perry
  • BIC
  • Tantan

Female Solo Artist of The Year

  • Rutshelle Guillaime
  • Annie Arlete
  • MIU
  • Fatima
  • Niska
  • Misty Jean
  • Princess EUD
  • Darline Desca
  • Phyllisia Ross
  • Rebecca Zama

Gospel Artist of The Year

  • Spencer Brutis
  • Delly Benson
  • Jackson Chery
  • Aquela Dorvil
  • Chantal St.Fort
  • Kensley Alexandre
  • Stephanie Saint Surin
  • Frederson Joseph
  • Rosena Josselin
  • Lovenson Clerveau

Hip Hop/Rap Artist of The Year

  • Fantom
  • Wendy
  • Izolan
  • Niska
  • Toby
  • Princess Eud
  • Trouble boy
  • Ded Kra-Z
  • PIC
  • BIC

Konpa Band of The Year

  • Klass
  • T-Vice
  • Nu Look
  • Disip
  • Harmonik
  • Kreyol La
  • Gabel

Revelation de L’ane

  • Vayb
  • Kai

Album of The Year (Kompa)

  • T-Vice
  • Kai
  • Original H
  • Gabel
  • Harmonik
  • K-Zino

Song of The Year

  • Harmonik-Benyen
  • Jperry-Kiyes ou ye
  • Roody-Lobey
  • Kai-Kanse
  • Vayb- Lanmou Fasil
  • Wendy- Livre Zon
  • T-Vice- I’m Moving on
  • Gabel – Paka fe petit

Music Video of The Year

  • Nu Look-Until When
  • Disip-Lanmou pi fo
  • Kai-Malade
  • Wendy- Ou dous on cho
  • T-Vice- I’m moving
  • Rood Roodboy- Lobey
  • Gabel-Kisa pou bay
  • Harmonik- Incroyab
  • Jperry- Kiyes ou ye
  • Izolan-Bel Tenis

Solo Album of The Year

  • Jperry
  • Daan Junior
  • Darline Desca
  • Princess Eud
  • Jacques Suavuer Jean
  • Rutshelle Guillaume
  • Tantan

Media Outlet of the Year

  • Guy WeWe Radio’A
  • Chokarella
  • TicketMag
  • Konpa Events
  • Kompa Paris
  • VibeKreyol
  • Laplanta Show
  • Plateforme Magik
  • Mardi Alternative
  • Expolsion AM
  • OnePamShow
  • Ayitibiyografi

International Artist of The Year

  • Wesli
  • Michael Brun
  • Emeline Michel
  • Jason Derulo
  • Wyclef Jean
  • J Perry

Musical Event of The Year

  • Labor Day Festival
  • Festival Int, Mizik Kreyol
  • Orlando Caribbean Festival
  • Compas Fest
  • La Nuit du Kompa (Paris)
  • La Nuit des Juenes (New York)
  • Sumfest Haiti
  • Griot Fest
  • Kompa in Vegas
  • Kreyol Fest
  • Haitian American Festival

Collaboration of The Year

  • Jbeatz (Gadon Fann)
  • Jperry ft Admiral T (Aba blabla)
  • Kreyol la ft Tony Mix (Byen Pase)
  • Meastro ft Gio (May sou may)
  • Sauv ft Reginald (Je veux danser)
  • Dro ft Baky (Ou trouble’m)
  • Princess Eud ft Mikabens (Eudomination)
  • Niska ft Lolo (Veve Lokal)
  • Tvice ft Jperry (Se pa sa)
  • McDonn ft BIC (Iya Iya Woo)
  • Be Plezi ft Shabba (Work it)
  • Kenny ft Roody (Paka Ranplase’w)
  • Gabel ft Masterbrain (Paka fe petit)
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