Interview with Charma Guillaume

PHMA: Why did you choose to sing Gospel?
CG: I believe everyone should sing for what they feel the most passionate about. When I sing for God I feel extraordinary joy for the love he has bestowed in my life. I do have other genres I am interested in working on in the future, but gospel is what I feel most passionate about. All my treasured memories come from where I am most comfortable and that happens to be the church.

PHMA: What is your musical background?
CG: Believe it or not, I was raised in the church and I was a very shy person. My first experience singing in front of a crowd was at the age of 12 years old and from there I have sung in several church choirs. From that experience, my platform has been formed and developed me to who I am today.

PHMA: Who is your favorite artist?
CG: I am really fond of Kim Burrell who is gospel singer and pastor. God has blessed her with a talent where people are able to feel her emotions and hear talent through her voice and express her passion for God. She is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and I admire her for that as well. Some other artists I look up to are Chris Tomlin and Tye Tribbet.

PHMA: What do you believe is the role of an artist?
CG: An artist role to me is to be able to uplift others through their lyrics. Lyrics to me are messages for everyday living. You never know how you can change an individual life in a positive aspect through words.

PHMA: The music industry is evolving, how does this affect you as an individual gospel singer?
CG: Without having a passion and fire for what you do goals in life become difficult to conquer on the daily. The Haitian Gospel genre is already labeled a struggling industry because the demands are different. Many bands (Djazz) have constant request through the year. What keeps me focused and driven is my passion for God. I am happy with my decision and I have a personal satisfaction with where God has placed me in this life.

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  • Frantzia Delphin

    That was a great interview, love you Charma keep doing your thing with the great gift that God I’ve blessed you with.

  • Daphney Cetoute

    I love it great job girly?. So proud of you.

  • Johnder

    Very nice Charma….May the Lord continues to bless you. #singforthelord because he is great

  • Mathilda

    May God continue to guide you to do his work cause when I tell you “Kinbe minm”that song does something to my soul. You don’t understand ! Much more blessings coming your in Jesus mighty name. ❤️ You sis!

  • carly

    that’s good blessing

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