Prestigious HMA Interviews Ray Raymond

Our team at Prestigious HMA took some time to speak to Ray to gain some insight on his impact on the Haitian music industry. Ray Raymond is a Konpa artist that originated from Aux Cayes, but currently resides in Pettionville, Haiti.

What is your musical background?

I had no traditional musical background but has a keen ear regarding his musical arrangements. At an early age, he has had an attraction to the stage lights but he did not start his singing career professionally till 2015. The only reason I exposed my talent to the world was because of the constant encouragement he received from my friends. RnB was the avenue I originally wanted to begin with but then he thought konpa would be a better fit for him because it would benefit the community more.

Is your recent single your first hit or have you worked on other projects?

My recent song is called “Absans Ou” has gotten extremely popular. I actually have been in this industry for many years now as a music producer. Some of my recent musical projects have been “Nou ka Chanje Ayiti” by with Trouble Boy, “Inosan” by Jeff Prosper, “Voye” Frankco Love and many more.

Who in the musical Industry has left a big impact on your career and future goals?

The musician that holds the greatest influence in my life is Stanley George. This is because of the smooth demeanor the artist carries in the public eye but his strong voice is what captured my attention at first. The Legendary Richie, on the other hand, has an impact and influenced me on a long-term aspect which is to carry the image of being an HMI HITMAKER for this generation.

What keeps you motivated within the Haitian Music Industry?

I’m a young and energetic individual but I do get discouraged from time to time but surrounding himself with uplifting friends and legendary musicians like Dadou Pasquet keeps me encouraged and motivated to keep pushing. I always say “Konpa has come a long way from where it was and that is important to remember this before you decide to enter this industry.”

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