Georges SimeonCommittee

    Georges Simeon was born on March 21. 1986. He graduated with the Conservatory Lassalle in Montreal in Communication and Media. With over 13 years’ experience under his belt as a radio host with CPAM 1610 AM, over 8 years with CIBL 101,5 FM, CKDG-Mike FM 105.1 FM and now Radio Center-Ville 102.3 FM. Georges has been the representative for various cultural organizations, established around the Haitian community around the globe. Georges knowledge within the industry of Haitian music since 2004 has acquired him a reputation and knowledge of the music that enriches its cognizance.

    Georges has also worked alongside with the firm Coupon Promotion of Wise; where he was an assistant to the Marketing and International relations. That opportunity has allowed him to expand and mold into that environment. In 2012 Georges Simeon’s return to Haiti as the Event Director where he is responsible for promoting the Ministries of Tourism and Culture.
    Georges always had a fire and passion for the nurturing care of advancing the Haitian culture to its highest potential. Georges Simeon is dedicated to working unbearable hours to see the progress of the Haitian culture advancement has been accomplished and maintained for the upcoming generation.

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