Jhonson SaintilAdvisory Board

    Jhonson Saintil, also known as “Jhon Mix”, has been highly involved in the Haitian musical sector since the youthful age of 15. He believes his knitch for perfection is highly requested and needs to represent the community with respect and dignity. At the early age of 15 years old Jhonson began working for the prominent radio station called Melodie Inter in Port De Paix as a radio host and DJ. Melodie Inter is where his passion derived and find the opportunity to develop his talent and find his calling in life.

    While working in the radio sector Jhonson organized a local youth talent shows for the neighborhood during the summer for the children, where they would compete against one another. Jhonson also organized the carnival seasoned festival called “No Limit Kanaval” that highly involved “Ban a pied”, and various local musical bands. The groups would display their works and the local judges, which were other radio hosts in the area that handled the judging for an ultimate prize.

    Jhonson is also highly recognized for his talented voice, which is often utilized for infomercials within the Haitian community. He has voice recorded for some of Haiti’s most popular event, which includes, but is not limited to local parties, bands gigs, groceries commercials, festivals etc.

    Jhonson level of radio experience has continued to grow and flourish. He was promoted the director of the radio station Melodie Inter. His experience has followed him to the United States where he remains the Director of Program for the local radio station Radio Puissance Inter located in Jacksonville. As program director, he is responsible for the Morning Show and Détente Tropical, which air in New Jersey, New York, West Palm Beach and Jacksonville.

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